Hey, I need a blanket…

It got really cold in Nashville this weekend, so I hit the streets to hand out blankets, warm clothing, socks, personal hygiene items, and coats that were donated by many good people with a heart for the homeless (special shout out to the Middle School Sunday School class at Brenthaven CP church!!)

As I handed out the last of what I had Saturday night and drove away, I heard “Hey I need a blanket”  Unfortunately I was out of everything, but immediately put out a request for more on Twitter and Facebook and was overwhelmed with what was donated on Sunday morning, it barely fit in my car!

So today, I hit the streets again and gave away two warm sleeping bags to a young couple sleeping behind a retail store, delivered a washing machine donated to Open Table Nashville for their emergency warming shelters, and delivered a sleeping bag, warm clothes, blankets, and socks to a man in a homeless camp who had all of his stuff taken from him while he was away.

While I was at the camp I got a tour and met some really nice folks with sweet, sweet spirits and glowing with the sacred spark of God within all of us (thanks Jason Mikel for the introduction, what a blessing for me!)

There is still much to be done and there will be stories to share, so please come back often to follow the journey. I am so thankful to the Nashville Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church for supporting me in this unique call as I serve God in this way.

Shalom U’vracha,




Introducing Sacred Sparks Ministry

My name is Lisa Cook.  I am a street chaplain who ministers to the homeless community in Nashville and surrounding areas. I am also the founder of Sacred Sparks Ministry, an outreach of the Nashville Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

I plan to use this space to provide updates on my journey as I follow God’s call in my life to be a witness to the sacred spark that exists in each and every one of God’s children. 

I hope you will be interested in following along as I walk the path that has been laid before me…

Shalom U’vracha,