Oranges and Cookies and Rides, Oh My!!

Me and Barry

Me and Barry

So Saturday morning was a busy one for Sacred Sparks Ministry. First things first, Starr and I went to the Shelby Dog Park so she could blow off some puppy steam and meet some new friends.  Next we took some fresh and yummy Satsuma oranges (thank you Kathy & Bill Dobbins!!) and cookies (thank your Brittany and Rory!!) to our friends James and Brandi. Then we traveled over to the Green Street camp and delivered the rest of the oranges and cookies to that community who were so thankful for the fresh fruit and sweet treats.  At Green Street I met a new friend, Barry (see pic above) who needed a ride down to the main campus of Room in the Inn. It was a joy to get to know him on the short ride downtown. Finally, it was back home to clean up a dirty pup who really enjoyed her time rolling around at the park and helping her friends in the homeless community.  God is good all the time!!!  May your day be filled with love…

Shalom U’vracha,



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