Happy 2014 from Sacred Sparks Ministry!!

So 2014 begins and I am so excited to find out what God has planned for Sacred Sparks Ministry in this brand new year!!  This ministry has been SO blessed in its short existence through prayers, support, words of encouragement and love, donations of supplies and financial support…I have been overwhelmed many times by the support received.  I was also blessed to find the perfect companion for my ministry journey, a homeless rescue herself, Starr of David!! 

Starr and I want to THANK YOU so much and know that we LOVE YOU and will do our very best to bring glory to God through our call to serve and love our homeless community in Nashville and beyond.

Finally, we want to share with you how we closed out 2013.  We travelled to Green Street Church of Christ to visit friends at an Emergency Warming Shelter on Tuesday, 12-30-13.  We took with us a truck full of warm clothes, socks, and blankets/sleeping bags. We then spent time catching up with some of our friends who were welcomed inside the church to stay warm on this cold night.  Enjoy the pictures and check back often in 2014 to see what God is doing through Sacred Sparks Ministry!!

Donations of Love

Donations of Love



My Buddy Frank

My Buddy Frank


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