Good Friends, Good Food, Good Times

My friends Jill and Dwayne

My friends Jill and Dwayne

A Meal with Friends

A Meal with Friends








Did you ever notice that wherever Jesus went, there was always a meal involved sooner or later.  After spending time the last couple of mornings with my dear friends Dwayne Keller and Jill Weisz-Keller,  serving and sharing a meal with a number of friends at the Green Street Emergency Warming Shelter, I think I get it…

Jesus loved a good meal because it is the perfect opportunity to be in relationship with one another.  When sharing a meal with friends you are being fed in more than one way. You get the necessary nutrients needed by our physical bodies to survive, and you get the necessary connection with another beloved child of God needed by our spirits to survive.

In Biblical times, Jesus broke bread with His disciples every chance He got, because a meal with friends is a real blessing. In our times, on an early Saturday morning, that very same blessing was experienced over biscuits, gravy, eggs, and oatmeal. Smiling, sleepy, warm faces,  radiating with the sacred spark of God that burns within as they enjoy a meal.  It just doesn’t get much better than that…

Shalom U’vracha,

Lisa Cook


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