THIS is what Jesus would do…

Jesus would want a church to open its building to the most vulnerable and the marginalized (humans AND pets) on a cold, cold night.  Jesus would want smiling faces to pick them up and take them to that church building.  Jesus would want a warm, hearty meal waiting on them when they got there. Jesus would want more smiling faces to greet them and serve them that meal.  Jesus would want clean clothes to be available.  Jesus would want relationships to be built between people who might not otherwise meet.  Jesus would want a safe, warm place for them to lay down and take a much needed rest.  Yeah, that’s what Jesus would do…RADICAL HOSPITALITY!!

Thank you Brenthaven Church family – – thank you Open Table Nashville and all of their wonderful and dedicated volunteers.  Starr and I are amazed at your love for others.  It has been a great night for Sacred Sparks Ministry!!!

Guests  enjoying a movie

Guests enjoying a movie


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