Random Sparks

So there is not really a creative bone in my body, and I am surely not a photographer.  However, I have had this urge placed on my heart and mind recently to share with you the faces and places I call my family, my community, my friends.

Recently I have been posting a picture every day on Instagram, that also trickle over to Facebook and Twitter automatically. I make them all black and white simply because black and white just feels right.

I take and share their pictures for no other reason than these folks are such a blessing to me and I want to share that blessing. These pictures are taken and shared out of love and respect for the person and a desire to honor their place in creation as the beloved children of God that they are…random sparks created from the divine spark of God.

I don’t know how long I will be doing this, but for now it feels right. The pictures I have already posted are included below, if they interest you, check my social media for others that will be posted.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and I hope you will lift a prayer for those who are depicted.

Have a blessed day and week, I am headed back to the streets!

Pastor Lisa

A Leg Up
“A Leg Up”

Basket Case
“Basket Case”

Burrito Blessings
“Burrito Blessings”

Home Sweet Abandoned Home
“Home Sweet Abandoned Home”


Taking Charge
“Taking Charge”