Sacred Sparks Ministry: News & Notes

Sacred Sparks Ministry of Nashville Presbytery continues to be in pastoral relationship with and provides outreach to the homeless community of Nashville and surrounding areas.

The past couple of months have seen a flurry of God’s blessings showered on many of the men and women in the Sacred Sparks community:

  • Two have moved into new homes and off the streets
  • Furniture and household items were provided so four walls could become “home”
  • Four more friends will move in to their new homes by the end of October
  • A job was obtained because steel-toed boots were provided
  • Shoes worn out by a long, hot summer of walking were replaced with newer models
  • Marriage vows originally taken while living in a tent were renewed with love now that the couple are safely living in their own home and off the streets
  • Service work has been done by youth, adults, and children for the homeless community
  • Relationships have been built where none existed otherwise
  • Prayers were shares, stories were honored, and laughs were shared

In the midst of all these blessings, a friend lost his life; many others were sick and dealing with one crisis or another.  Some were arrested for simply existing. Thousands remain homeless or are living on the edge in poverty. Winter is coming.

On the cusp of the most challenging time of year for our homeless friends, I ask that you continue to pray for God’s work being done through Sacred Sparks Ministry.

Visit our website often to read the blog, view the pictures, and donate securely to the ministry online.

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