A Message from Pastor Lisa: Cold, Cold, Cold!

Hello good people!!

You have probably noticed the weather has changed a bit…and so the winter struggle begins for our friends on the streets. Here is what we can do together this winter to serve and help our friends, while showing them love and hospitality.
Open Table Nashville will not be doing emergency warming shelters this winter and will be relying on and partnering with the city of Nashville and Room in the Inn to increase their bed capacity this winter. However, this still leaves gaps for our friends…friends who are couples who refuse to split up, our friends with pets, our friends who are intoxicated and will not be allowed in typical shelters, and our friends with various issues that keep them from coming in out of the cold to a typical shelter.
So, Sacred Sparks Ministry, with your help, will do what we can this winter to fill this gap!!
Some education, communication, and coordination needs to take place this week to find these folks and arrange a new pick-up plan.  That is what me and Starr will be doing today, tonight, and all day tomorrow. Walking the streets, finding those who will need to come inside, and letting them know that Sacred Sparks and Brenthaven stands ready to welcome them with radical hospitality!!
Beginning next week, when the temperature is forecasted to be at or below 27 degrees (the new threshold set by the city) we will open our doors for up to 30 friends to come inside, to be warm and safe, to eat until they are full, and to be loved on by our wonderful volunteers (YOU!)
So, get ready you wonderful volunteers, it is cold outside and that means it is our opportunity to once again share our blessings with others and to show them what Jesus looks like!! I am thankful for and love you all!  Have a great rest of your week and keep an eye on your email!!
~ Pastor Lisa
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