God Moments: “Is his name Rod?”

So, all kinds of stuff going on lately, huh?

In the meanwhile, Jesus continues to love and calls us to love. I hope you enjoy the latest glimpse of heaven on earth via Sacred Sparks Ministry:

“I knew for sure I was reuniting one family that day because I bought the bus ticket, but the other reunion, that one, I never saw it coming.”

These are my words, and they only just begin to describe an amazing experience I was witness to about a month ago.

My friend Georgia has a son who had just reached a milestone in his life this summer when he graduated high school. He wanted to come see his mom to celebrate. The bus ticket was bought and we planned to pick him up on a Thursday morning in May. We had some extra time before the bus was to arrive so we stopped at a place called Ken & Carol’s. This is a resource here in Nashville where the homeless can receive mail, take a shower, and catch a meal. We stopped to check mail for Georgia.

While she was inside, Georgia noticed a woman with a picture. The woman eventually approached Georgia and showed the picture to her, asking if she knew the man in the photo. Georgia thought he seemed familiar, but could not quite recall where she had seen him, so she brought the woman and the picture outside to me in my van.

I took one look at the picture and asked her: “Is his name Rod?”  Her face lit up and she began talking.

She told me she had come here from Illinois to find him. She was his ex-wife. Her children, adults themselves, had been worried sick recently about their Dad. They had not heard from him in two years following the divorce. They had heard from others, and feared that he was dead. She had been here for two weeks, sleeping in parks and eating what she could find while she searched for him. She spent the night before I met her in a not-so-safe homeless camp. She was out of time and leaving that night on the bus to return home. She asked me to please try to find him before she had to leave. She wanted to take him home with her.

I made sure she was safe with a homeless friend of mine, who would take her to a lunch feeding in East Nashville, because she was hungry, and I had some work to do.

So, I took Georgia to meet her son at the Greyhound bus station and she lightly joked that I might be coming back there later today. After that planned reunion took place, we all set out to try to find Rod, unsure of what his reaction might be, but hopeful that it would all turn out okay in the end.

I found him in his camp, inside his tent, settling in for a nap after his morning trip to Wal-Mart for needed camp supplies. I told him who I had met and asked if if wanted to go see her. He did, so we went. I pulled up and she was waiting outside, I told her I had found him and watched as he climbed out of the van and they embraced. After a few moments, she told him the kids were worried about him and asked if he would go home with her.

He said yes and we went to pack up what little he had at the camp.

Georgia had been correct, I ended up back at the bus station that night and saw my friend Rod leave to be reunited with his family. Last I heard, he was doing great, getting reacquainted with his children, and considering re-marriage to this woman who had risked so much to find him.

I cannot describe how humbling it is to be witness to God at work in our lives in this way. I am so grateful for this call that God has placed on me and just hope I can one day bless the friends I serve as much as they bless me by allowing me to be witness to their life experiences.

Don’t get me wrong, there are tough days that make me want to bang my head against a wall, any wall. But, wow, it is moments like these that make all those crazy, bad days so worth it!

So, yeah, there are a flurry of things happening lately that have folks divided along all kinds of lines. I guess all of that has its importance in some way, I just can’t pay attention long enough to all of that noise to care. Maybe I should, but I am too busy loving the best I can, and watching for God moments like these…my prayer is that you do not miss your God moments in all the chaos of life my friends.

Peace out…



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