Love Beyond Measure

15442313_10210194991924905_2275339079425697639_n“Love Beyond Measure” is both a great name for a service organization AND a great way to describe the young lady I want you to know more about.

Her name is Mallory Grace Hassell. Mallory is the daughter of Victor and Samantha Hassell and currently lives in Sturgis, KY with her family, including older sister, Victoria and younger brother, John.

Mallory is a 6th grader at Union County Middle School and attends Sturgis Cumberland Presbyterian Church where both her Dad (Pastor) and Mom (Director of Christian Education) serve.

Mallory is also the founder and director of “Love Beyond Measure” which is a partner organization of Sacred Sparks Ministry. Both organizations exist to serve people experiencing homelessness and extreme poverty.

Mallory’s story is an interesting one. I had the opportunity recently to sit down and visit with her and to ask her some questions about how God is calling her to serve.

She described for me visiting a homeless camp in Nashville with her family and feeling the stirrings of “something” beginning to speak to her about this unique community of people.

She then had the opportunity to attend Children’s Fest on the campus of Bethel University in McKenzie, TN during the summer of 2016. This denominational event is held each year as a way to connect and engage Cumberland Presbyterian children all over the globe.

The Children’s Fest theme for 2016 was “Hearing God’s Call” and not long after attending, Mallory mentioned to her Mom that she heard God telling her to help Pastor Lisa with Sacred Sparks Ministry. Mallory not only heard, but she also acted!!

Since answering God’s call to serve in this way, Mallory has created a name and logo for her organization and she applied for a Butterfly Bucks grant and used it to launch a donations drive to fill blessing bags full of goodies and necessities to be handed out in Nashville and to collect quarters and laundry detergent for Sacred Sparks Laundry Ministry Day. Mallory also has spoken at two different Cumberland Presbyterian Churches about her service work (Rose Creek CPC and Sturgis CPC).

Mallory admits that serving others just come natural to her. She especially enjoys helping with a community meal called “Taste of Heaven” hosted by her home church of Sturgis CPC. She loves to sit and talk with folks who visit and enjoy a meal together and she shared with me that this experience “opened her eyes” to the many people living in extreme poverty in her home town.

Although Mallory is not sure what the future holds for her (do any of us really?), she IS sure that she is doing exactly what God has asked of her for now through “Love Beyond Measure.”

~Pastor Lisa, Sacred Sparks Ministry






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